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Cancellation Policy

CoverZoneJo reserves the right to cancel your order for any of the following reasons:
• Rejection / non-acceptance of the payment process.
• The customer was late for more than (1) one hour in paying through the SADAD payment system.
• Customer purchases more than 2 pieces of the same product.
• If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong, the contact information is wrong, or the customer is not able to be reached.
• The customer's non-attendance or delay in receiving the order for more than 7 days to receive his order paid via the Internet (online) for the "receipt from the showroom" service.
• The customer's non-attendance or delay for a period of more than 48 hours to receive his order when choosing to pay at the exhibition for the "receipt from the exhibition" service.
Therefore, any wholesale sales in excess of two pieces of the same item per customer, the order will be canceled according to the directives of the administration.
The customer has the right to reserve the purchased item for a period of 15 days only, and the reservation will be released on the 16th day, while preserving the customer's right to recover the full value of the product.
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Cancellation of the order by the customer: To continue the process of canceling the order, you must contact us first. You may cancel your order for any of the following reasons:
• If the order has not been delivered or shipped to you.
• In the event that the cancellation is made after the order has been shipped or sent, a cancellation fee will be charged to you. We reserve the right to match the time your order was shipped to the time you submitted your cancellation request.
We are unable to provide or deliver the product within a reasonable period of ten working days from the date of confirmation of the order.